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Degree Audit Project

After an extensive evaluation process, the University purchased Miami University’s Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) in June 2007. DARS is a degree audit and transfer credit evaluation system that uses information from the student information system to compare a student’s academic work with the requirements for a particular academic program. Over 200 institutions of higher education in the United States and Canada have licensed DARS to produce degree audit reports.

During fall 2007, CU’s functional and technical project staff will begin the process of installing and configuring DARS. The scope of the project includes the implementation of the degree audit and transfer credit articulation functions on all CU campuses. CU’s functional project team, which has members from each campus, completed the first round of vendor training in September 2007. The official Project Kickoff meeting will be in September, and the detailed design phase will begin in October 2007. During this time, members of the functional and technical project teams will work with Miami University and a technical implementation consulting company, Gnarus, to determine how best to use the capabilities of DARS to produce and present accurate, user-friendly degree audits at each CU campus. It is important to note that this project will not succeed as a straight “technology upgrade” project. Many of the issues and concerns identified to this point have policy, process and staffing implications that cannot be resolved by technology alone. As such, the project must include activities and the structure to support resolving these issues.

It is also important to note that the University is replacing its Student Information System (SIS), which has been in use at CU since 1988 (see SIS Replacement Project for further information), and the projected completion date for that project is fall 2010. Taking these items into consideration, the projected timeline for the DARS implementation will be available in more detail towards the latter part of the fall 2007 semester.

If you would like more information on DARS, please refer to If you have any questions about the CU degree audit project, please email

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