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Technology Transfer Office of University of Colorado
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Therapeutic-Stem Cell or Regenerative Medicine Total: 8
Tech. ID Technology Summary Available? TTO Contact
7060H Transplantation of Immortalized Human Do... No, contact TTO David Poticha
CU1052H Diagnosis and Therapy for Cardiac and Sk... No, contact TTO Daniel Kramer
CU1504H Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cel... No, contact TTO Rick Silva
CU1596H Growing and Repairing Heart Muscle: Prel... Yes, download Daniel Kramer
CU1687B Engraftment and Survival of Adult Skelet... Yes, download Brynmor Rees
CU2207H Human induced-pluripotent stem cells gen... No, contact TTO David Poticha
CU2425H Autologous CD117+Progenitor Cell Therapy... Yes, download Brett Peterson
CU2676H NanoCardioLab: Exploring the Heart at th... No, contact TTO Paul Tabor
(Important: CU may have newer technologies available in this area that are not yet listed here. To find out about other opportunities in Therapeutic-Stem Cell or Regenerative Medicine, contact Lola Underwood at, or by phone at 303-860-6201. Thank you.)
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