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Issued Patents - Therapeutic-Drug Target (Total: 17)
Patent Title Patent No. Date Issued Available?
Modulating the Alternative Complement Pathway 8,937,046 01/20/2015 No
Inhibition of the Alternative Complement Pathway for Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and Related Conditions 8,911,733 12/16/2014 No
Methods of Using AMPD2 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Fatty Liver, Obesity and Diabetes 8,697,628 04/15/2014 Yes
Targeting Complement Factor H For Treatment of Diseases 8,569,225 10/29/2013 No
Complement Receptor 2 Targeted Complement Modulators 8,007,804 09/24/2013 No
Complement Receptor 2 Targeted Complement Modulators 8,540,997 09/24/2013 No
Bacterial Replication Systems and Methods 8,431,376 04/30/2013 Yes
Systems and Methods for Treating Human Inflammatory and Proliferative Diseases With a Combination of Compounds, Or a Bifunctional Compound That Provides Fatty Acid Metabolism and Glycolysis Inhibition 8,329,753 12/11/2012 No
Compositions of UCP Inhibitors, FAS Antibody, A Fatty Acid Metabolism Inhibitor and/or A Glucose Metabolism Inhibitor 8,293,240 10/23/2012 No
Antibodies That Bind Urokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator and Epitopes Therefor 8,119,128 02/21/2012 Yes
Methods and Compositions For the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cyclin A-1 Associated Conditions 8,076,304 12/13/2011 Yes
Systems And Methods For Treating Human Inflammatory And Proliferative Diseases And Wounds, With Fatty Acid Metabolism Inhibitors And/Or Glycolytic Inhibitors 8,071,645 12/06/2011 No
Targeting Complement Factor H For Treatment of Diseases 7,759,304 07/20/2010 No
Compositions of UCP Inhibitors, Fas Antibody, a Fatty Acid Metabolism Inhibitor and/or a Glucose Metabolism Inhibitor 7,510,710 03/31/2009 No
Methods for Treating Human Proliferative Diseases, With a Combination of Fatty Acid Metabolism Inhibitors and Glycolytic Inhibitors 7,445,794 11/04/2008 No
Detecting and Treating Heart Failure 5,733,728 03/31/1998 Yes
Screening for Mutations by Expressing CDNA Segments 5,656,425 08/12/1997 Yes
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