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University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office

Monthly Newsletter

Volume 1 ~ Issue 3 ~ October 2004

Top Story

Technology Transfer Office Releases Annual Report
TTO's Annual Report has arrived from the printer. The 16-page report is a snapshot of the accomplishments and progress over the past year, as well as a look toward the future at the TTO. The report contains detailed information on TTO milestones and financial results, as well as highlights of our inventors, inventions, and licensee companies. To receive a copy of this report, e-mail us at It is also possible to view the Annual Report online here or download it as a .pdf file here.

Today at the TTO

Resources for Software Developers Now Available on the TTO Website
The TTO has developed a process for working with software research groups that is now outlined in a new section on the TTO website entitled "The Software Process." The website describes the support that the TTO can provide to software groups and includes sample software licenses that can be used to release source code. The TTO has also released three new bulletins on software: Licensing Early Versions of Software, How to Release Open Source Software, and Software Licensing. (more)

TTO Third Annual Awards Dinner
The CU Technology Transfer Office is gearing up for its Third Annual Technology Transfer Awards Dinner on Monday, November 8, 2004. The events will begin with a panel of accomplished faculty discussing the compatibility and constraints of technology transfer and laboratory research activities, a networking reception, and an awards dinner which will recognize the achievements of inventors from all three campuses, as well as two companies who have partnered in the commercialization of University inventions. Another group will be recognized with the New Inventor of the Year award. The events will take place in Turnhalle at the historic Tivoli Brewery on the University of Colorado, Denver campus. The purpose of the program is to bring together the business and inventor communities, offering a place to share ideas, to network, and to celebrate the accomplishments of CU inventors who demonstrate best practices of technology transfer. (more)

TTO Hosts "Invention to Venture" Workshop
Could your invention be the next GoogleT? How does technology commercialization work? Are you a faculty member or student thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? If these questions are interesting to you, don't miss our "Invention to Venture" workshop on November 8th. Invention to Venture is for science and technology students and faculty as well as business people, entrepreneurs, and investors interested in turning cutting edge technology into new companies. (more)

A Health Sciences Center Invention Is Philips' Newest Product Launch
Royal Philips Electronics, licensee of a CU software platform for 3-D reconstruction of coronary artery structures, recently released new product information about Allura 3D-CA. According to Philips, this interventional tool provides unparalleled detail and accurate representation of the condition of the heart's coronary vessels. The Allura 3D-CA was created in collaboration with Dr. James Chen and Dr. John Carroll of theHealth Sciences Center. Dr. Chen is a computer scientist; Dr. Carroll is a cardiologist. The system produces 3D images of coronary vessels from multiple viewpoints and angles, enabling clinicians to make faster, more confident diagnoses and decisions. (more)

TTO in the News

CU Executes Option With Taligen
CU and Taligen Therapeutics, a biotechnology company engaged in the development and commercialization of innovative products for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, executed an exclusive option in October for a number of patented technologies from Dr. V. Michael Holers, Professor and Division Head of Rheumatology, and Dr. Xiaojiang Chen, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics. These technologies control excessive activation of the complement pathway, thereby minimizing the inflammatory response.

Spotlight On:

CU-Boulder's Technology of the Month CU HSC's Technology of the Month CU's Company of the Month
CU1322B - Functional Definition Of Skp2-Cks1 Binding Interface Required For P27 Degradation CU1109H - Use of a Novel Autoantigen Epitope as a Diagnostic Tool and Therapeutic Target for Autoimmune Diabetes SomaLogic
Dr. Xuedong Liu and his group have identified the amino acids of Skp2 that are engaged in Cks1 binding. Skp2 is a multisubunit E3 ubiquitin ligase responsible for the ubiquitination of phosphorylated p27. Skp2 requires a direct physical interaction with Cks1 in order to perform ubiquitination. The exact role of Cks1 is this process is unknown and, prior to now, the interface of this complex was largely unknown. Dr. John Hutton has identified a novel autoantigen that has potential as an therapeutic immunotolaragen drug for Type I diabetes. Basically, pathogenic populations of T-cells that recognize the autoantigen, have receptors for that autoantigen. That autoantigen or its derivatives can be used to attenuate the activity of a select clonal population of autopathogenic T-cells, preventing their proliferation and promulgation of an autoimmune response, ultimately slowing or halting progression of the severity of the autoimmune response. Additionally, the peptide can be used to assay for autoreactive T-cells, detect autoantibodies, and a variety of other diagnostic applications. SomaLogic has continued the development of its photoaptamer array technology. Photoaptamer arrays, based on discoveries originally made in the University of Colorado laboratory of Dr. Larry Gold (and further developed at NeXstar Pharmaceuticals), allow for the simultaneous quantitative measurement of large numbers of proteins in medical samples such as blood and urine. SomaLogic is using the technology to identify protein signatures of disease that will improve the quality of care and outcomes across the medical spectrum. The Company's initial studies in a variety of cancers and inflammatory diseases have yielded very encouraging results. SomaLogic's most recent investors, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and Sumitomo Bakelite, are also strategic partners who contribute market and technical expertise to the Company's ongoing development.

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Technology Transfer Bulletin of the Month

Open Source Software, Early Release Software, Software Licensing

These three bulletins represent a new approach to software licensing at CU. In addition to these bulletins, a new Software Licensing area has been added to the TTO website for educational and informational purposes.

Upcoming Events

TTO Legal Seminar
The CU Technology Transfer Office and the law offices of Greenlee, Winner and Sullivan presents the TTO Legal Seminar: "Patent Strategies and Emerging Cases in Drug Target and Biological Pathway Patents: The University of Rochester COX-2 Story" with Steve Penner and Sally Sullivan of Greenlee, Winner and Sullivan. (more)

BioWest 2004
BioWest 2004 - October 26-27 at the Doubletree Stapleton - Sponsored by the State of Colorado, the Colorado Bioscience Association, and the Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority, this third annual life sciences industry networking event is drawing regional, national and international interest. The afternoon of October 26 will feature a university licensee company poster session including CU sponsored presenters Taligen Theraputics, Cardiac Access, Myogen, Trasona Pharma, MRT, CLP MicroTechnologies and Syzygyx, Inc. In addition there will be a talk by Dr. Doros Platika of Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse on "Maximizing Incentives and Mechanisms - Strengthening the Link Between Research, Technology and Commercialization." For complete schedule and registration detail, go to

Innovation in the News

Fund expected to spur growth in life sciences
With a fundamental shift in Michigan's economy from hard-line manufacturing to knowledge-based companies, the fledgling Venture Michigan Fund is the best model to encourage business startups and grow high-paying jobs, particularly in the life sciences.

BioAdvance, Quaker close on funding
BioAdvance, operator of the Biotechnology Greenhouse of Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia-based Quaker BioVentures announced the closing of a new $26 million fund, BioAdvance Ventures LP on September 23rd.

NIH Bans Collaboration With Outside Companies
All scientists at the National Institutes of Health will be banned from any new outside collaborations with pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies for at least one year -- and all existing collaborations will have to be discontinued -- under a surprise shift in policy released on September 23rd by agency officials.

High Quality Electron Beams From a Laser Wakefield Accelerator Using Plasma-Channel Guiding
CU faculty has recently been referenced in a cover story article by the journal Nature. To see the cover, click here.

Swimming In Syrup Is Just As Easy As Water
It's a question that has taxed generations of the finest minds in physics: do humans swim slower in syrup than in water? And since you ask, the answer's no. Scientists have filled a swimming pool with a syrupy mixture and proved it.

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