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TTO Public Event:  Tech Transfer at the University of Colorado

UPDATED: Download the slides from this event in PDF format here. (Download supplemental material here.)

View a video excerpt from this event at, or check out photos from the event here (free registration required).

Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Followed by a reception at 5:00 pm
Location: The Westin, 10600 Westminster Boulevard Westminster, CO


To some, tech transfer seems like a “black box” – investigators conduct research and report inventions, a percentage of the inventions are protected through the patent process, some of the protected assets are licensed, some products are developed, some are sold commercially and sometimes the University receives royalties and other economic consideration.  During this session we will peer into the black box to see how policies, procedures and practices at CU and the Technology Transfer office (TTO) address the throughput of inventions to royalties, and how various internal and external groups play a role in making this happen. Participants will become better informed about technology transfer and will devise ways to engage in and/or advise on the process.


Part 1 – The University and Technology Transfer Office

  1. Tech transfer purpose and objectives, and what service to the faculty means
  2. The TTO funding model, distribution of licensing revenue and TTO budgetary allocations
  3. How IP is tracked and success is measured, portfolio maturation and efficiency metrics, and the factors that impact success
  4. Strengths and weaknesses of CU TTO relative to top US peer universities
  5. How to build a university culture of inventive activity that leads to commercialization
  6. TTO business operations – organization, roles and responsibilities
  7. CU IP policy and other CU policies related to technology transfer
  8. Sponsored research and typical terms/obligations to research sponsors
  9. Bayh-Dole issues and key US PTO rules (including important changes to federal law)


Part 2 – Securing and managing IP, and the licensing lifecycle process

  1. Obtaining invention disclosures and issues surrounding securing patents from university inventions
  2. Patent decision-making; costs, criteria, timing and management (US and international)
  3. Faculty inventor involvement in the patent prosecution process
  4. Dealing with non-patentable, non-patented and inventions subject to return to inventors
  5. Sample exclusive license term sheet, and discussion of current perceptions of how IP value equates to license terms and trading off terms
  6. Development and commercial diligence including market assessment/business plan, team assessment and understanding multiple product applications from a single technology platform
  7. Proof of Concept programs and their role in licensing and development
  8. SBIR/STTR and seed funding programs and their relevance to the success of start-ups
  9. Special issues with emphasis on start-ups – faculty involvement, conflicts of interest and management, facilities use agreements, faculty consulting, use of CU name…
  10. Role of advisors and intermediary support organizations



David Allen, CU Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer

This event is free and open to the public. Please RSVP to Lynn Pae via email or at 303-735-0550.

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