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Esprit Entrepreneur Presents CU Innovation Alliance Breakfast

(Event Flyer)

The Boulder Chamber of Commerce’s annual Esprit Entrepreneur celebration will present the CU Innovation Alliance Breakfast on Tuesday, October 6th from  8-10 a.m. at the Millennium Harvest House Hotel. This breakfast, in conjunction with the 25th Celebration of Esprit Entrepreneur, will highlight emerging CU-Boulder technologies at all stages – in the lab, new startup companies and successful businesses. “It’s a great opportunity to meet the players in CU’s technology community and see upcoming technology and entrepreneurs,” said Mark Weakley of Holme Roberts and Owen, sponsor of the breakfast. Presenting companies will include:

Xalud Therapeutics is developing novel therapies pioneered at CU-Boulder for the treatment of neuropathic pain and other diseases of the central nervous system. Xalud’s lead product candidate is a proprietary, non-opioid based therapy that eliminates neuropathic pain in highly-predictive, gold-standard rodent models. Neuropathic pain is a multi-billion dollar global market with tremendous unmet clinical needs.

TechoShark’s hoozat application (developed in the CU-Boulder computer science department) is the most efficient location-aware and context/preference-aware social and business networking program for mobile device users. It provides real-time, location-based social networking and business and marketing intelligence by leveraging existing third-party social networks and tools with a wide variety of functionalities. The application benefits business people and anyone interested in receiving pertinent, real-time social and business networking information through their mobile devices.

Tusaar is developing a CU-Boulder technology that creates more efficient and cost-effective methods of purifying metal-laden acidic water. The Tusaar technology displaces conventional precipitation technology that causes the formation of toxic sludge, and utilizes readily available raw material from industrial suppliers.

Quest Product Development’s MicroFlex technology (developed jointly at CU-Boulder and UC Denver) is an innovative, ultra-slim, ultra-flexible endoscope that will provide physicians with tools for minimally invasive surgery in currently inaccessible areas. MicroFlex provides digital control over the shape of a flexible endoscope, involving advanced metal alloys, micro-actuators and a digital control system.

Mentor InterActive (founded in 2004 by faculty members of the CU-Boulder Center for Computational Language and EducAtion Research, known at that time as the Center for Spoken Language Research) develops new products for the children's education software and learning technologies market. The company is targeting the more than 30 million children in the fast growing education products and services market with its My Virtual TutorTM product line of engaging and fun-to-play software packages that teach children to read. 

For registration, please visit; for more info contact Lindsay Polak at 303-735-5518 or via email.

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