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Software - General (14)
Tech. ID Technology Summary Available? TTO Contact
2001.053B A Regularity-Driven Fast Gridless Detailed Routing Methodology for High Frequency Datapath Designs No, contact TTO Kate Tallman
2002.024B CU Kids' Speech Corpus (CSLR Speech Corpora) Yes, download Dipika Singh
2002.049B The IMOD Software Package No, contact TTO Kate Tallman
7063B Power and reservoir system model version 3.0 (RIVERWARE) Yes, download Dipika Singh
CU1015B The Sonic Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognizer Yes, download Kate Tallman
CU1094B VORPAL, a Versatile Plasma Simulation Code No, contact TTO Dipika Singh
CU1496C Secure Information Sharing Using Attribute Certificates and Role-Based Access Control Yes, download Marta Zgagacz
CU1511C Colorado Assessment Tests for Cognitive and Neuropsychological Assessment Yes, download Kate Tallman
CU1519B BioNet: A developer-centric middleware architecture for heterogeneous devices and protocols Yes, download Kate Tallman
CU1520D AGF (Alternative Growth Futures) Impact Evaluation Software Yes, download Kate Tallman
CU1591C Efficient Asymmetric Secure iSCSI System Yes, download Marta Zgagacz
CU1597B Natural Language Processing (NLP) Toolkit Yes, download Dipika Singh
CU3103B Auto-Calibrated Energy Auditor No, contact TTO Dipika Singh
CU3461B Method and Apparatus for Iterative Minimax Algorithm for Wirless MIMO Systems Yes, download Kala Majeti
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