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Therapeutic - Novel Chemical Entity (19)
Tech. ID Technology Summary Available? TTO Contact
CU1323H Rational Design of Alpha-Helical Antimicrobial Peptides with Enhanced Activities and Specificity/Therapeutic Index Yes, download Paul Tabor
CU1435B Doxazolidine, Doxazolidine Derivatives, and Targeted Doxazolidines for the Treatment of Cancer Yes, download Dipika Singh
CU1626H Hsp90 Inhibitors. Modification of Toxicity Yes, download James Parrett
CU1692H Inhibition of the Axl Tyrosine Kinase as Biologically Targeted Cancer Therapy Yes, download Doreen Molk
CU1693H Stimulation of Apoptosis Using Novel Potent Tight Junction Protein Modulators Yes, download Doreen Molk
CU1933H Potent Cell-Penetrating CaMKII Inhibitors, and CaMKII as Drug Target in Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Neurodegenerative Diseases, and Addiction. Yes, download James Parrett
CU2374H Antimicrobial Peptides to Treat Bacterial Infections Yes, download Paul Tabor
CU2376H A Specific Peptide to Control Inflammation Including Autoimmune Derived Inflammation Yes, download Paul Tabor
CU2399H Rational Design and Synthesis of Novel Flurbiprofen Amide Small Molecules for Treatment of Non Small Cell Lung (NSCL) Cancer Yes, download Doreen Molk
CU2427B Novel Small-Molecule Agents That Potentiate Opioid Analgesia (Combined with CU2099B. UPDATE CU2427B ONLY) Yes, download Dipika Singh
CU2548H Sorbitol Inhibition for Treatment of Diabetic Eye Disease No, contact TTO Heather Callahan
CU2587B Histone Demethylase Inhibitors No, contact TTO Dipika Singh
CU2633H MicroRNAs for Heart and Muscle Wasting Disease Yes, download Brian Bellesheim
CU2640H Small molecules that inhibit Eya's phosphatase activity and the Six1/Eya interaction No, contact TTO Brian Bellesheim
CU2665H Urate Transporter Inhibitors: Compounds Designed For Uricosuric Action No, contact TTO James Parrett
CU2709B Small Molecule Inhibitors of Toll-Like Receptor 3 for Treatment of Inflammatory and Infectious Diseases Yes, download Dipika Singh
CU2737H Novel silicon-containing small molecules for treatment of lung and prostate cancer Yes, download Doreen Molk
CU3114B Small Molecule Antagonists of the TLR1/TLR2 Complex for Treatment of Inflammatory & Infectious Diseases Yes, download Dipika Singh
CU4027H Peptide-based Methods for Treaing Neurological Injury (Combine with CU3191H) Yes, download James Parrett
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