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Therapeutic - New Use or Method of Treatment (12)
Tech. ID Technology Summary Available? TTO Contact
7077H Diagnosis and Treatment of Myocardial Failure using Myosin Heavy Chains Yes, download James Parrett
CU1881H Investigation of Epigenetic Modulation in Multiple Myeloma No, contact TTO David Poticha
CU2282H Neprilysin and Pulmonary Hypertension or Selected Peptidases and Pulmonary Hypertension No, contact TTO James Parrett
CU2650H Nebivolol Treatment in Pediatric Heart Failure Patients No, contact TTO James Parrett
CU2745H A New Anti-Androgen, MDV3100, Can be Used as a Therapeutic Anti-Androgen or Anti-Estrogen Agent to Block Hormone-Dependent Growth in Breast Cancer No, contact TTO Brian Bellesheim
CU2761H COPD Prognosis, Diagnosis and Therapy: A Personalized Medicine Approach Yes, download James Roberts
CU2828H Cystathionine for Treatment of Liver and Kidney Injury, Cardiovascular Protection & Chemotherapy Potentiation (COMBINED WITH CU2280H and CU2827H, UPDATE CU2828H) Yes, download Heather Callahan
CU3030B Trehalose as a treatment for vascular dysfunction, inflammation, oxidative stress and overall physical dysfunction (reduced exercise capacity and low physical activity levels) (Combined with CU3667B. UPDATE CU3667B ONLY) No, contact TTO Dipika Singh
CU3044H Combination of Bendamustine and the HDAC Inhibitor SNDX-275 Enhances Apoptosis and DNA Damage Response in Multiple Myeloma Cells No, contact TTO David Poticha
CU3441H Method for Treating Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Using AMPI-109 No, contact TTO Brian Bellesheim
CU4213H Method of Treating Medulloblasoma with an EXH2 Inhibitor No, contact TTO Doreen Molk
CU4306H Improved Method for Treating Alzheimer's Disease Yes, download Heather Callahan
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