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Software - Bio/Healthcare Informatics (11)
Tech. ID Technology Summary Available? TTO Contact
2002.080H Dynamic Reconstruction of Coronary Vascular Trees and Quantitative Analysis No, contact TTO James Parrett
8012H 3-D Reconstruction of Coronary Artery Structures Yes, download Paul Tabor
CU1381B Improved Methods for Identification of Peptide Sequences Yes, download Kate Tallman
CU1576H A User Configurable Disaster Triage Tag and Hospital Registration System No, contact TTO Doreen Molk
CU1583H ePHocus Patient Survey Software Yes, download Kate Tallman
CU1703H Integrated Health Connect Patient Management System Yes, download Doreen Molk
CU2218H Pathway for integrating current rapid prototyping technology with advanced medical imaging Yes, download James Parrett
CU3343H Kalman filter based on-off switch for insulin pump No, contact TTO Doreen Molk
CU4465H CU Record Linkage (CURL) (should be combined with 4516) No, contact TTO Doreen Molk
CU4647H An Automated Method for Suppressing Artifacts in Digital Images No, contact TTO Doreen Molk
DHHA1006H Automated drug identification project Yes, download Paul Tabor
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