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Optics (14)
Tech. ID Technology Summary Available? TTO Contact
10035B A Novel Cavity Ring Down Heterodyne Spectroscopy: 1x10-10 Sensitivity with Microwatt Light Power Yes, download Kala Majeti
2002.065B Flexible, MEMS-controlled photonic crystals for use in optical and nano-photonic devices (Combined with 2002.066B UPDATE 2002.065B) Yes, download Ted Weverka
8020B Comb Generating Optical Cavity That Includes an Optical Amplifier and an Optical Modulator / Broadband Optical Frequency Shifter with Internal Optical Gains (NIST #97-048) No, contact TTO Ted Weverka
CU1469B Simple, compact and robust optical reference system for lasers with narrow linewidth Yes, download Kala Majeti
CU1505B Deep Shadow Apodization Yes, download Marta Zgagacz
CU1907B Method for Correcting Sampling Errors in Interferometrically Triggered Swept-Wavelength Systems No, contact TTO Kala Majeti
CU1999B WARFA Device for Collecting Multidimensional Optical Spectroscopies No, contact TTO Ted Weverka
CU2623B Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals (FLCs) with True Gray Scale for Improved Information Displays Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU2684B High Repetition Rate Photoconductive Terahertz Emitter using a Radio Frequency Bias No, contact TTO Ted Weverka
CU2903B Systems, Methods and Computer-Accessible Medium Which Provide Microscopic Images of at Least one Anatomical Structure at a Particular Resolution No, contact TTO Ted Weverka
CU2922B High-Speed Wavefront Optimization Using Computer Generated Off-Axis Binary Amplitude Holography For Focusing Light Through Turbid Media No, contact TTO Ted Weverka
CU2958B Fourier Domain Sensing No, contact TTO Kala Majeti
CU3034B Engineered PSF for Simultaneous Extended Depth of Field Imaging and 3D Ranging No, contact TTO Marta Zgagacz
CU3427B Imaging through scattering media with high signal to noise ratio and resolution Yes, download Kala Majeti
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