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Medical Devices - Implantable Devices (7)
Tech. ID Technology Summary Available? TTO Contact
10028B Flexible, Inexpensive Manufacture of Net-Shaped Materials for Orthopedic and Dental Applications Yes, download Kate Tallman
CU1149H ActiveInvasive EEG - Detection, Monitoring and Treatment of Neurological Disorders Yes, download Doreen Molk
CU1156H Shape Memory Polymer And Bioresorbable Polymer Electrodes Yes, download Paul Tabor
CU2169H Iris Zip Clip - An advanced, less invasive alternative to sutures Yes, download Heather Callahan
CU2196H Shape Memory Polymer Venous Valve Yes, download Doreen Molk
CU2486H Orbital implant for repair of orbital fractures and to be used in orbital reconstruction No, contact TTO David Poticha
CU3974H Laminoplasty Distractor System No, contact TTO Doreen Molk
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