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Medical Devices - Diagnostic and Bioanalytic (12)
Tech. ID Technology Summary Available? TTO Contact
7009H Metabolic cardiogram No, contact TTO Doreen Molk
CU1581H Fast Multi-Slice Mapping of Myelin Water Fraction in the Brain Yes, download Doreen Molk
CU1857H Non-Invasive Measurement of Esophageal Inflammation Yes, download Doreen Molk
CU1954H Susceptibility Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Single-scan MR Angiography and Venography Yes, download David Poticha
CU2133H Non-Invasive in vivo Detection of Complement-Mediated Inflammation Using CR2-Targeted Nanoparticles: a new tool for imaging and therapy No, contact TTO James Parrett
CU2343B Un-insufflated Cavity Crawler: an Integrated, Mobile Diagnostic Capsule Yes, download Marta Zgagacz
CU2444H Imaging of the Eye Using Multi-Photon Optics No, contact TTO Heather Callahan
CU2621H A Device for Real-Time Pharmacokinetic Drug Monitoring Yes, download James Parrett
CU2645H Volatile Organic Compounds for Detecting Cell Dysplasia and Genetic Alterations Associated with Lung Cancer No, contact TTO Brian Bellesheim
CU2946H Pneumatic Cell Collector: Precision Microdissection of Tissue for Improved Molecular Analysis Yes, download Doreen Molk
CU3584H A Two Dimensional Antiscatter Grid for Flat Panel Detector Based Cone Bean Computed Tomography Yes, download Doreen Molk
IR372H Spectroscopic Analysis of Digitized Heart Sounds Yes, download Paul Tabor
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