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Chemicals and Materials (38)
Tech. ID Technology Summary Available? TTO Contact
10045B Rapid Decomposition Process for Synthesizing Fine Metal Particles Yes, download Stephanie Villano
7054B Atomic layer controlled growth of SiO2 films at room temperature Yes, download Stephanie Villano
9019B Compressed Carbon Dioxide for Polymer Particle Morphology Retention Yes, download Brynmor Rees
9020B Photopolymerization of Polymer Microparticles Using Compressed Antisolvents Yes, download Brynmor Rees
9055B Borosilicalite Molecular Sieve Membranes Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU1012B Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Nanofiltration Membranes Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU1131H Novel Monomer Compositions Designed For Low-Shrinkage Polymerization No, contact TTO Paul Tabor
CU1585B Polymerizable Surfactants Based on Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids that Form Bicontinuous Cubic Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Phases with Water Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU1670H An anti-infective intravascular device fixation method No, contact TTO Paul Tabor
CU1862H Self-assembling RNA nanotubes Yes, download Doreen Molk
CU2119H Methods for Extensive Dark Curing Based on Visible-Light Initiated, Controlled Radical Polymerization Yes, download Paul Tabor
CU2153B New Resin Systems for Dental Restorative Materials Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU2249B "Green" Replacement for Industrial Applications of Polar Organic Solvents Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU2276B Imidazolium-based polymers as anti-static materials Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU2351B Cationic Polymers Based on and Interfaced with Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids and their Use as Gas Separations and Gels Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU2386B Radio Frequency Magnetic Field Responsive Thermoreversible Polymer Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU2495B Novel Organic Porous Materials Consisting of Shape-Persistent 3-D Molecular Cage Building Blocks Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU2612B Photolithography via Photofixation of a Diels-Alder Thermoreversible Network Scaffold Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU2703B Improved Temporal and Spatial Control of Copper-Catalysed Alkyne-Azide Reactions (CuAAC) Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU2830B Highly Active Multidentate Catalysts for Efficient Alkyne Metathesis Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU2842B Template Directed Synthesis of Highly Porous Ceramic Materials Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU2852B Nucleation of Ultrathin, Continuous, Conformal Metal Films Using Atomic Layer Deposition and Applications as Fuel Cell Catalysts No, contact TTO Stephanie Villano
CU2855B Novel Norbornene-based Disulfides As Low Polymerization Stress Materials No, contact TTO MaryBeth Vellequette
CU2905B New Methods for Formulating and Preparing Nanoporous, Bicontinuous Cubic Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Polymer Membranes that Enable Facile Film Processing and Pore Size Variation No, contact TTO Stephanie Villano
CU3007C Metallic Surfaces as Alignment Layers for Non-Display Applications of Liquid Crystals No, contact TTO Stephanie Villano
CU3041H Use of reactive nanogels as additives to enhance polymer properties or as precursors to polymeric networks No, contact TTO Paul Tabor
CU3050B New Imidazolium-based Curable Polymers, Imidazolium-based Curable Polymer-Ionic Liquid Composites, and uses Thereof (CU3045B and CU3358B - Update CU3050B only) Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU3064B Highly Active Multidentate Alkyne Metathesis Catalysts: Ligand-Activity Relationship and Their Applications in Efficient Synthesis of Porphyrin-based Aryleneethynylene Polymers (Subpart with CU2830B - update only CU2830B) Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU3074D Antiviral and Antibacterial Polyurethanes for Disease Prevention Yes, download Doreen Molk
CU3169B Controlled Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles Mediated by Novel Organic Molecular Cages Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU3322B Photo-induced Catalysis of the Thiol-Michael Addition Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU3434B Forming and enhancing the performance of thin film composite membranes with nanoscale patterns Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU3460D Antimicrobial Reverse Thermal Gel Yes, download Doreen Molk
CU3563B Novel Dental Composites Based on Photoinitiated Copper(I)-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition (CuAAC) Reactions Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU3742B Atomic Layer Etching of Materials Using Sequential, Self-Limiting Thermal Reactions (COMBINED WITH CU3805B - UPDATE CU3742B ONLY) Yes, download Stephanie Villano
CU3922B Synthesis of multdimensional tubular and spherical networks of YEP carbon sulfur composites Yes, download Stephanie Villano
FD269B Ceramic-zeolite Composite Membranes and Use for Separation of Vapor-gas Mixtures Yes, download Stephanie Villano
IR441B Alkylated Deltamedral Boranes as Liphophilic Anions No, contact TTO Kate Tallman
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