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Research Tool (10)
Tech. Category Tech. ID Technology Summary Available? TTO Contact
Basic Research 7027H Purification and Characterization of a Multi-Subunit DNA Polymerase from Thermus Thermophilus Yes, download Brynmor Rees
Basic Research CU2607B An Optically Integrated Microfluidic Cytometer For High Throughput Screening Of Photophysical Properties Yes, download Marta Zgagacz
Basic Research CU3402B Inexpensive, Scalable and High-Yield Expression and Purification of Recombinant PRC2 with Multiple Solubility Tags Yes, download Brynmor Rees
Basic Research CU3471B Automated stitching PCR for targeted multiplexed genotyping Yes, download Brynmor Rees
Basic Research CU3486B Scanning Imaging for Encoded PSF Identification Yes, download Marta Zgagacz
Drug Screening CU2408H 3D-Models for High-Throughput Screening Drug Discovery and Development Yes, download James Parrett
Method CU1812B Method for Condensation of Complementary Nucleic Acids Yes, download Kate Tallman
Method CU2066H Method and Apparatus of Matrix Deposition for Imaging Mass Spectrometry No, contact TTO James Parrett
Method CU3145B Stable Synthesis of DNA, Boranephosphonate DNA and other DNA Analogs using N-silyl Protected Phosphoramidites Yes, download Dipika Singh
Tangible Materials CU2180D Laser-based Sensor System for Mesoscale Torque and Tension/Compression Load Measurement Yes, download Paul Tabor
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