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Technology Transfer Office of University of Colorado
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Tech. Category Tech. ID Technology Summary Available? TTO Contact
Bio CU1016H High Concentration Protein Formulations and Methods of Manufacture No, contact TTO Paul Tabor
NonBio CU1091H Improving Drug Delivery using Electrostatic Co-Extrusion Techniques Yes, download Paul Tabor
NonBio CU1935B Sequential Click Reactions for Synthesizing and Patterning Hydrogels Yes, download Dipika Singh
NonBio CU4036B Treatment of Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewaters through a Hybrid Coagulation-Nanoporous Membrane Filtration-Biological Treatment Process Yes, download Stephanie Villano
NonBio CU4115B Enhancement of Thermal Atomic Layer Etching Yes, download Stephanie Villano
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