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Concur Travel & Expense System Learning Resources

Note: The Concur Travel & Expense System is accessed via your campus portal Log in to your campus portalwith the same username and password you use to log in to your work computer. Then, locate your CU Resources section and, under the Business Applications area, select the Concur Travel & Expense System link. You will be securely transferred to the Concur Travel & Expense System.

Email Rules

For creating Email Rules in Microsoft Outlook.

Profile & E-Receipts

For managing your profile within the Concur Travel & Expense System.

Concur Travel and Expense System Basics

For the beginner.

Booking a Trip: Travelers and Travel Arrangers

For employees who need to book airline tickets, hotels, and/or rental cars...for themselves or for others. Also for information on non-employee travel.

Travel Reconciliation

For employees who travel on official university business - or who process travel for others: how to reconcile Travel Card transactions and how to request reimbursement for travel or non-travel expenses.

Procurement Card

For Cardholders, Reallocators (delegates), and Approving Officials: How to reconcile Procurement Card transactions.

Submitting Expense Reports

For employees who need to submit an Expense Report - whether for Procurement Card or to reconcile a trip.


For individuals who approve Procurement Card or travel expense reports.


For individuals who prepare or approve Procurement Card or travel expense reports on behalf of others.

Reports & the Expense System


Need help?

Finance and Procurement Help Desk