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Small Business Program

The mission of the University of Colorado Small Business Program is to maximize opportunities for small business concerns to participate in the University's business of procuring goods and services at all dollar levels and regardless of fund source.


CU's Small Business Program (SBP) is administered by the Purchasing Department of the Procurement Service Center (PSC). The PSC is committed to supporting the mission of the SBP. In addition, all campus departments that require goods and services have a responsibility to support and cooperate with the SBP. Department staff with the authority to purchase using Departmental Purchase Orders (DPOs), or Procurement Cards, are integral to the success of this program.


The PSC's efforts in support of the Small Business Program include:

Small Business Vendors

Vendors are welcome to contact the PSC's Small Business Liaison Officer to learn how to do business with the University. Vendors are encouraged to register with the federal government's Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and, for more information, to call their local Small Business Administration office.


Penny Davis