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PSC Procedural Statements (PPS) provide instruction to organizational units on how to comply with University Administrative Policy Statements (APS) and other University, State, and Federal regulations. These procedures cover the areas of purchasing and payables.

Procedure Title FAQ Updated
Advance Payment to Vendors 03/01/2011
After-the-Fact Purchases 08/01/2011
Alcoholic Beverages Purchased for University Events   07/01/2010
Business Expense Reimbursement 07/01/2011
Cash Advances (see Travel Advances below)  
Complimentary Tickets 01/01/2012
Expense Approval Process 04/01/2009
Health Related/Human Subject Payments (see Study Subject Payment below)  
Official Functions 07/01/2010
Payment Voucher/Authorization 5/01/2012
Personal Technology & Telecommunications 04/01/2009
Petty Cash & Change Funds FAQ 01/01/2011
Recognition & Training 01/01/2011
Sensitive Expenses FAQ 07/01/2010
Student Payments 07/01/2009
Study Subject Payments 01/01/2011
Tests of Propriety 01/19/2007
Travel 01/01/2012
Travel Advances 05/02/2011
Travel Authorization & Expense (see Travel above)  
Travel Card Handbook - UNDER REVISION  
Undocumented Reimbursement 01/01/2012
W-9 & Vendor Authorization 01/01/2011

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