IRM Web Site Management Manual

Introduction to IRM and our Web site

Information Resource Management provides data administration services to the University of Colorado. As such, publishing information about the University's data resources and the organizational context that shapes them is an essential part of its activities. A major medium for the publication of this information is the WWW.

The main purpose of this web manual is to describe for ourselves how we manage our own web site, which currently has pages of Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML). It attempts to gather together all of the IRM's current thinking about Web design, management, and operation. In this manual we try:

It is a big "help file" for Web site managers, contributors, and operators. It may be helpful to our Web site users, although a major design goal of our Web site is that it be so easy to use that "help" such as we provide in this manual is not necessary. (Users might find it helpful to see what we intend to provide and thus send more reasoned criticisms about what we do provide!)

A secondary purpose of this document is to describe "how we do it" in such a way that may be useful to other departments in the University and beyond who face the task of managing and operating a web site that delivers information on a similar scale.

There is a lot of thinking about information management that is assumed but not discussed in this document, since information resource management is our core business. The information resource issues that are explicitly discussed in this manual are very limited.

The structure of this document is outlined as follows: