Warehouse Subject Words

Warehouse Subject Words include:

LONG NAME     ABBREVIATION    COMMENT                                                       

DICTIONARY    DICT            Used for metadata information.                                

HUMAN         HR              Used for Human Resource information.                          

FACULTY       FAC             Used for Faculty Information System information.              

FINANCIAL     FIN             Used for Financial information.                               

PEOPLE        PPL             Used for general tables and views of information related to   
                              all people in the warehouse regardless of subject areas.      

PHYSICAL      PLNT            Used for building, property and equipment information.        

WAREHOUSE     WHSE            Used for general tables or views that the warehouse may use   
                              across subject areas.                                         

STUDENT       SIS             Used for Student Information System information

STUDENT UNIT  SURDS           Used for SURDS data as reported to Colorado 
RECORD DATA                   Commission on Higher Education (CCHE)