CIW - Central Information Warehouse

The Central Information Warehouse database provides CU administrative data for analysis and reporting. The CIW includes data from all of CU's "ERP" (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, including CU-SIS, FIN, HCM, eRA, and the Advance system. Some data owners allow users to connect direclty to the CIW to consume data (FIN and HCM), but most data owners provide reports in the CU Reporting system and/or CU-Insights. System-to-system data integrations for these areas are provided by UIS's integrations team after being approved by your campus.

Getting Started

CIW Sign Up Explanation of the CIW, and how to become a user
Connect Connection infomation (requires an active CIW Password)

Getting Help

If you need help using the CIW, please initiate a help request via your campus help desk:

CU-Boulder Office of Information Technology
UCCS Information Technology Department
UC Denver IT Services
System Help Desk

CIW Subject Area Documentation

CIW GL General Ledger Subject Area in the Warehouse (PeopleSoft General Ledger).
CIW HRMS Human Resources Manangement System Subject Area in the Warehouse (PeopleSoft HRMS).
CIW CU-SIS Integrated Student Subject Area in the Warehouse

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CIW Support

CIW Availability Normal operating hours for the CIW are from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday through Friday (University holidays excepted).
CIW Password Change You will be forced to change your password every 90 days.