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Respect for the intellectual property of others is a critical aspect of academic ethics.  The University of Colorado and Auraria Higher Education Center encourage individuals to learn about copyright law and fair use.  Many materials in the University of Colorado Digital Library are protected by U.S. copyright law.  Copyright provides legal protection for the creators of “original works of authorship,” including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works.  Among other things, it grants the copyright holder exclusive rights in the display, performance, reproduction, and distribution of the work.  Exemptions such as “fair use” and the TEACH Act provide certain limitations to these exclusive rights.  Some, but not all, academic uses of copyrighted works may be considered fair use.

Questions about the use of copyrighted materials in University work that are not otherwise addressed on these sites can be forwarded to Legal Counsel, University of Colorado.

University of Colorado and Auraria Higher Education Center Resources

University of Colorado System: Copyright Information

University of Colorado at Boulder: Copyright

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Kraemer Family Library: Copyright Information

Auraria Library: Copyright

University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus, Denison Memorial Library: Copyright Information

Other Resources

U.S. Copyright Office

Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright:

Fair Use Title 17, US Code
Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use: - 107

Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (pdf)
U.S. Copyright Office Summary

American Library Association
Distance Education and the TEACH Act

When U.S. Works Pass into the Public Domain

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CU & Auraria Collections
  1. 3D Natural History Collection
  2. Aerial Photographs of Colorado
  3. Alice Mackie Diaries
  4. Art and Art History Visual Resources Collection
  5. Auraria Digital Resources Collection
  6. Ben Gray Lumpkin Digital Folk Music Collection
  7. Bent Hyde Papers, 1905-1918
  8. Building Colorado Story by Story: The Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Collection
  9. Charles F. Snow Photographs
  10. Clifford P. and Therese S. Westermeier Collection
  11. Colorado Coal Project Collection
  12. Colorado Directories
  13. Colorado Historical Maps
  14. Colorado Shakespeare Festival Collection
  15. Conference on World Affairs Audio Archive
  16. CU Museum of Natural History: Vertebrate Collection Documentation
  17. D.K. Bailey Collection
  18. Digital Sheet Music Collection
  19. Don Campbell Papers
  20. Dwight Garrigues Lavender Collection
  21. Electronic Library of Colorado Architecture, Landscape and Planning
  22. Environmental Design Collection
  23. Hal Sayre Papers
  24. Historical and Illustrated Fairy Tales
  25. Historical Hats and Headdresses
  26. Holland Collection of Literary Letters
  27. Ira Wolff Photographic History Collection
  28. J. Raymond Brackett Collection
  29. James F. Willard Collection
  30. Leonard Tinné Berthon Collection
  31. Map Library Teaching Collection
  32. Medieval Manuscript Leaves
  33. Mining Maps of Colorado
  34. Novela Mundial Series
  35. NSIDC Glacier Photograph Collection
  36. Publishers' Bindings Collection
  37. Ricardo Viñes Piano Music Collection
  38. Rocky Flats Collection
  39. Special Collections Teaching Collection
  40. Stan Brakhage Collection
  41. T.D.A. Cockerell Collection
  42. Thomas MacLaren Collection of Architectural Drawings
  43. U.S. Military in Peace and War
  44. Walter Orr Roberts Papers
  45. Western Americana
  46. Winnipeg Jewish Renewal Oral History Collection
  47. Women Poets of the Romantic Period
  48. World War I Collection
  49. Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi Collection
All Collections
  1. Andrew Dickson White Architectural Photographs
  2. Catena-Historic Gardens and Landscapes
  3. Claire Holt Indonesian Art Images
  4. David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
  5. Estate Project for Artists with AIDS
  6. Farber Gravestone Collection
  7. Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art
  8. Hoover Institution Poster Collection
  9. Howell Icelandic Collection
  10. Japanese Historical Map Collection
  11. Museums and the Online Archive of California
  12. Political Americana Collection
  13. Pratt Institute Ex Libris Collection
  14. Pratt Institute Fashion Plate Collection
  15. Reuleaux Kinematic Mechanisms
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