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Patents Recently Awarded to CU
Patent Title Patent No. Date Issued Available?
Radiating Power Converter and Methods 9,581,142 02/28/2017 No
Pegylated CD154 Peptides and Methods of Inhibiting CD40 Interactions with CD154 9,562,088 02/07/2017 Yes
Methods and Systems for Three Dimensional Optical Imaging, Sensing, Particle Localization and Manipulation 9,560,338 01/31/2017 No
Methods and Systems for Three Dimensional Optical Imaging, Sensing, Particle Localization and Manipulation 9,560,338 01/03/2017 No
LEDGF Peptides and Formulations Thereof for Treatment of Degenerative Disorders 9,526,760 12/27/2016 No
Compositions and Methods for Treating Hepatitis B 9,518,090 12/13/2016 Yes
High-Speed Wavefront Optimization 9,509,956 11/29/2016 Yes
Composition and Method For Treating Neurodegenerative Disease 9,480,673 11/01/2016 No
Remote Measurement of Shallow Depths in Semi-Transparent Media 9,476,980 B2 10/25/2016 No
Selective Inhibition of beta1-Adrenergic Receptors for the Treatment of Pediatric Heart Failure 9,456,997 10/04/2016 Yes
System and Methods for Conducting In Vitro Experiments 9,458,420 10/04/2016 No
Bouvardin Derivatives and Therapeutic Uses Thereof 9,452,215 B2 09/27/2016 No
Chemically Modified Cystathionine Beta-Synthase Enzyme for Treatment of Homocystinuria 9,447,406 09/20/2016 No
Imidazolium-Based Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids, Polymers, Monomers and Membranes Incorporating Same 9,446,348 09/20/2016 Yes
Modulation of Yeast-Based Immunotherapy Products and Responses 1173672B 09/09/2016 No
Methods for Prediction of Clinical Outcome to Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitors by Cancer Patients 9,434,994 09/06/2016 No
Formulation of Acoustically Activatable Particles Having Low Vaporization Energy and Methods for Using the Same 9,427,410 08/30/2016 Yes
Modular Intraocular Lens Designs, Tools and Methods 9,421,088 08/23/2016 No
Nanophononic Metamaterials 9,417,465 08/16/2016 Yes
Systems, Methods and Computer-Accessible Medium Which Provide Microscopic Images of at Least one Anatomical Structure at a Particular Resolution 9,408,539 08/09/2016 Yes
Supercapacitor Devices Formed By Depositing Metal Oxide Materials Onto Carbon Substrates 9,406,449 08/02/2016 No
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