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Patent Title Patent No. Date Issued Available?
Treatment of Pulmonary Vascular Remodeling with Neprilysin 9,950,044 04/24/2018 Yes
Antimicrobial Polyurethane Materials and Methods of Forming and Using Same 9,949,484 04/24/2018 Yes
Biodegradable Copolymers, Systems Including the Copolymers, and Methods of Forming and Using Same 9,949,928 04/24/2018 No
Methods for Detecting Insulin Auto Antibody 9,939,448 04/10/2018 Yes
Methods and Compositions for Inducing Physiological Hypertrophy 9,925,162 03/27/2018 No
Polymer-based Microfabricated Thermal Ground Plane 03/20/2018 No
Coherent Diffractive Imaging with Spaced-Apart Beams 9,911,207 03/16/2018 No
Vaccines, Methods of Administering Vaccines, Methods and Products for Treating and/or Delaying Onset of Dysplastic Lesions, and Wafers for Oral Administration 9,895,321 02/20/2018 No
Compositions and Methods Related to Graft Versus Host Disease and Treatments Thereof 9,884,096 02/06/2018 No
Systems and Methods of Creating Liquid Crystal Polymers Using Stepped Reactions 9,884,941 02/06/2018 No
High Efficiency Reprogramming of Fibroblasts Into Cardiomyocytes 9,885,018 02/06/2018 No
Three-Dimensional Single-Molecule Fluorescence Imaging Beyond the Diffraction Limit Using a Double-Helix Point Spread Function 9,881,355 01/30/2018 No
Modular Intraocular Lens Designs and Methods 9,877,825 01/30/2018 No
Intraocular Device for Dual Incisions 9,872,799 01/23/2018 No
Anti-Cancer Compounds Targeting Ral Gtpases and Methods of Using the Same ZL201280070263.9 01/12/2018 No
3-D Localization and Imaging of Dense Arrays of Particles 9,858,464 01/02/2018 No
Water Compatible Nanogel Compositions 9,845,415 12/19/2017 Yes
Heterocyclic Hydroxamic Acids as Protein Deacetylase Inhibitors and Dual Protein Deacetylase-Protein Kinase Inhibitors and Methods of Use Thereof 9,840,520 12/12/2017 No
Ophthalmic Surgical Tool With Adjustable Shape-Memory Filament 6253652 12/08/2017 No
Silylalkyloxyaryl Compounds And Methods For Treating Cancer 9,828,393 11/28/2017 Yes
Pulmonary Disease Treatment and Diagnosis Based on ARHGEF1 9,820,951 11/21/2017 Yes
Medical Fabric with Integrated Shape Memory Polymer 9,820,842 11/21/2017 Yes
Methods of Treating AutoImmunity 9.820.957 11/21/2017 No
Three-Dimensional Optical Imaging and Therapy of Prostate Cancer 9,814,448 11/14/2017 No
Antibodies to the C3d Fragment of Complement Component 3 9,815,890 11/14/2017 No
Mixed Matrix Polymer Compositions 9,815,032 11/14/2017 No
Conditionally Immortalized Long-Term Stem Cells and Methods of Making and Using Such Cells 9,796,961 10/24/2017 No
Intraocular Manipulator and Related Methods 9,788,938 10/17/2017 No
Methods for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer 6223451 10/13/2017 No
Compositions and Methods for CaMKII Inhibitors and Uses Thereof 9,775,876 10/03/2017 No
Cell Collecting Apparatus and Method of Use 9,778,152 10/03/2017 Yes
Shape Memory Polymers for Refractive Implants (combined case file CU2762H) 6212601 09/22/2017 No
Metalloporphyrin Neurological Treatments 2012371568 09/21/2017 No
Phage Lambda Capsids as Tunable Display Nanoparticles 9,765,122 09/19/2017 Yes
Hemodynamic Reserve Monitor and Hemodialysis Control 9,757,041 09/12/2017 No
Intraocular Device for Dual Incisions 9,757,279 09/12/2017 No
Disease Severity Index for Assessment of Chronic Liver Disease and Method for Diagnosis of Three Distinct Subtypes of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis 9,759,731 09/12/2017 No
Indoline Alkaloid Compounds 9.745,266 08/29/2017 No
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