Sharing their Pain wins them Coffee

Congratulations and thanks to Mary Lou Kartis (UCCS) and Lori Bailey (UCB). They shared their experiences with the current finance system and talked about improvements they’d like to see in the new FIN 9.2 system. Their names were drawn in the first of five weekly drawings for Starbucks gift cards.

Mary Lou discussed issues with report information … Lori wished for a world in which the PeopleSoft Finance and HRMS systems would talk better with each other. We’ll get their coffee cards to them later this week.

Do you have “pain points” in the PeopleSoft Finance System? Talk to us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Streamlined Cost-Sharing Arrangements Now Determined by Campus Advancement

Have you ever followed cost-sharing guidelines in the past, using the Supporting Foundation Reimbursement procedures in the University Accounting Handbook and the MOA and Invoice Template forms on the OUC Forms page? Good news: You no longer need to submit agreements, budgets, and financial statements to the Office of University Controller (OUC).

Instead, you now simply need to obtain the appropriate approval before preparing to cover development-related expenses that will be incurred by non-development staff. At each campus, the Vice Chancellor for Advancement or delegate will be responsible for reviewing the activity/event and providing that approval.

The original policy and procedures were created specifically to control how University departments reported – and were reimbursed for – the costs of University activities when University of Colorado Foundation (CUF) development staff had agreed to share in those costs. (Direct payment from CUF in such cases was prohibited as it circumvented University purchasing policies and fiscal rules.) However, during Fiscal Year 2014, the CUF development staff became University employees. Accordingly:

  • Development funds are now firmly established as University funds (Fund 36) and therefore subject to University policies, procedures, and rules.
  • Development and non-development departments can now share costs without needing to complete additional paperwork/procedures.
  • Review and approval can be conducted as for other University funds and the University’s financial reporting system can assist in this process.

Finally, the change in procedures eliminates unnecessary paperwork and allows the individual campuses to focus on activities and events of greatest importance to their unique needs.

Questions? Contact your campus VC for Advancement or

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Finance System Feedback: Let us feel your pain

Do you have “pain points” in the PeopleSoft Finance System? Talk to us! We want to hear about your history – workarounds, shadow systems, inefficiencies – working with the current Finance System (FIN 8.4) so that we can assure the best possible experience for you in the new system (FIN 9.2).

You can tell us about your finance business process challenges through the new PeopleSoft Finance Pain Points form. We’ll share the feedback on our OUC news blog, and use your knowledge and know-how to improve processes in FIN 9.2.

And – your pain point may win you one of 10 Starbucks gift cards (individual value $5)!

For more information – and to complete the form – see

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Looking for Finance Training? SkillSoft Online Course Reorganization

If you’re looking for finance or procurement training, note that the online courses have been reorganized in SkillSoft. The new approach relies on campus and department folders so employees can zero in on courses relevant to their specific location.

New file folder structure means new navigation. You’ll still log in to your campus portal and select Training – Start SkillSoft – Catalog – University of Colorado-Courses. Then it changes: Select your campus and pick the desired topic/folder within your campus.

Questions? Contact

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On the Road to the FIN Upgrade

roadCU has embarked on a journey to upgrade its PeopleSoft Finance System … and we at the OUC want you to travel this road with us. In fact, we need you to help us build the road. Your suggestions and feedback will help make the new system and related business processes as useful, efficient, and pain-free as possible.

Today we present your travel guide: the OUC’s new FIN Upgrade website. You can count on this resource to keep you informed and to provide a feedback mechanism to our office throughout the upgrade project.

So let’s get started: Please visit Take a look. And after you’ve checked out the site, be sure to click on FIN Feedback to tell us what you think.

Look for our next news post! Campus fit/gap analysis and design sessions: What’s happening and what it means for you.

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