Fiscal Year-End InfoPacket Returns

It’s back:

Your guide to FYE do’s and dates.

Handily separated out by topic and timeframe, the InfoPacket provides processing details for assuring appropriate payment or accrual to FY 2014. New this year: expanded detail on what you should expect to see on your financial statements.

On the Finance System Calendar tab at, you’ll find the following guides:

  • Ensuring Posting and Payment in FY 2014
  • Ensuring Accrual to FY 2014: Forms, PVs, and POs
  • Ensuring Accrual to FY 2014: Travel Reconciliation and Procurement Card
  • Accruals and m-Fin Reports: Paper Forms, PVs, and POs
  • Accruals and m-Fin Reports: Travel Reconciliation and Procurement Card

But wait – there’s more FYE info available! Check out the slide presentations and handouts from our recent Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program courses:

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