Running Cognos for Multiple Projects or Orgs

Some Cognos m-Fin reports now offer a new option: run by multiple projects or run by multiple orgs.

Previously, the only way to run by multiple values was through the SpeedType option. Now we are introducing support for multiple values entered directly into the prompts for Project, Program, Org, or Fund. Where this change has been made you will see the instruction FUND, ORG | ORGNODE, PROGRAM and PROJECT accept multiple values separated by a single space.

You can try this out yourself in the new m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE SUMMARY. Two other reports in production also provide this new functionality: m-Fin PAYMENTS RECEIVED (helpful for Clinical Trials) and m-Fin K EXHIBIT (specialized report about project granting agencies). We’ll add this option to more m-Fin reports over the next few months.

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