FY 2013 CUSP Award Winners Announced

How do you pick the best of the best? From a pool of great ideas in practice, a few have been singled out to receive the CU Shared Practices (CUSP) awards for FY 2013.

The CUSP program, designed to promote efficiencies and share best practices, closed out its 2013 program year with twelve submissions approved for posting. This was the highest rate of successful submissions since the program launched in the 2010 fiscal year, so kudos to all who participated; your efforts are appreciated!

With so many extremely qualified submissions this year, competition was especially tight.  However, after a runoff vote, the Selection Committee identified seven award recipients who will be formally recognized at a reception to be held later this summer. The awards go to the following submissions:

PROCESS MAPPING – Kathy Illian and Leah Lleras, School of Medicine (Neurology), Anschutz Medical Campus

CREATING A VIRTUAL DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT – Robert Dixon, Housing/Technology Services, Boulder Campus

VIDEO-BASED TRAINING – David Nicoll and Joshua Firestone, College of Arts & Sciences, Boulder Campus

SOM ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TOOLBOX – Terri C. Carrothers, Cheryl Welch, Madeline Sembrat, Lisa Stanford, Chris Scanlan, Peggy McIntosh, Administration & Finance/School of Medicine, Anschutz Medical Campus

LABORATORY MOPPING SYSTEM EVALUATION PROCESS -  Michelle Wallace, Jamie Tackett, Laura Richardson, Jori Leszczynski, School of Medicine, Anschutz Medical Campus

RESEARCH ADMINISTRATORS MEETINGS – Carolyn James, Psychology and Neuroscience, Boulder Campus

ONLINE CAPSTONE SCHEDULING FORM – Eric Howell, Public Affairs, Denver Campus

To read more about the prizewinning ideas, or to get more information on CUSP, go to www.cu.edu/controller/initiatives/cusp/ … and prepare to be inspired.

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