CPE Wraps Up for FY 2013 … and Gears Up for 2014

Our Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program recently concluded its final quarter for FY 2013. On April 10, we offered three courses: Emotional Intelligence, Fiscal Roles in Financial Systems and Reporting, and GASB Update. On April 29, we repeated two popular courses from earlier quarters: Understanding Internal Controls, and Cash Controls. In CPA-CPE terms, the value of these courses to their three-dozen participants is conservatively estimated at $13,275.

Evaluations continue to be excellent, with 97% of participants strongly agreeing or agreeing that the instructors were effective and the course material was relevant. Among the comments received: “Everyone at all levels could benefit from this training!” “Very dynamic instructor!” “Great class – thank you!” “Very clear presentation of a complex subject!” “This was the best course on internal controls I have ever taken!”

We’ve recapped the FY 2013 CPE program in a brochure distributed at last month’s CPE Instructor Appreciation Event: www.cu.edu/controller/news/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/CPE-Brochure.pdf

Now, some great news for FY 2014: More days! More courses!

The Office of University Controller has been approved by NASBA to offer in-person CPE at the next higher program level … 26-50 courses. We’re developing the September 2013 – April 2014 schedule now, and we look forward to publishing it in July.

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