OUC Newsletter now OUC News Blog

Our redesigned OUC website has enabled three positive developments in getting our news out to you:

  • We can deliver news more quickly.
  • We can archive news more efficiently.
  • We can categorize news and segment it to specific audiences.

When you visit our new OUC News webpage, you’ll notice that the news is being published as it happens … and not just all at once on a single day. You’ll also see a list of Categories on the right side of the page. Each article is assigned to one or more categories – and you can sign up to receive immediate notification via email of all articles, or of just the articles in the categories you select.

In other words, our newsletter has become a news blog. Later in November, we’ll provide instructions on signing up for the RSS feed of our blog directly to your email inbox. And … approximately every two weeks, we’ll send out a message to the User Alert list, calling your attention to all of our blog posts during the previous couple of weeks. Look for this communication to tell you the RSS instructions are on our website.

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