CUSP Awards for FY2012

The CU Shared Practices (CUSP) Program recognizes and rewards innovative work by your colleagues across the University.

CUSP Awards for FY2012 were announced at a reception on Thursday, November 1. And the winners are …

1st place

Electronic Expense Filing System – Bryn Samuelson Quintana and Melissa Wait

2nd place

University-wide Project for Green Cleaning Chemicals – Michael Fox, Will James, Charlene Lydick, and Duane Tucker

3rd place

Customer Service Training Program – Tamara Moore, Gary Reynolds, and Susan Szpyrka

4th place

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for CPAs – Travis Chillemi, Normandy Roden, and Lisa Vallad

Congratulations to the four teams … And thanks to everyone who shared excellent ideas during FY2012. You can read about all the submissions on the CUSP website.

Look for details on the FY2013 CUSP Program … coming soon to your OUC news blog.

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