University Fiscal Procedures Update: New Accounting Handbook Next Month

Good news: The new CU-wide Accounting Handbook will go live on the OUC website on Mon, Aug 6.

As discussed in earlier issues of the OUC Newsletter, the Accounting Handbook provides University-wide consolidated guidance in this area of the Fiscal Procedures. (In fact, the Fiscal Procedures’ Chapter 1, Accounting, will link to the new Handbook.) The Handbook promises efficiencies and time savings by eliminating multiple redundant sources of information – streamlining the guidance previously conveyed by Administrative Policy Statement (APS), Finance Procedural Statement (FPS), and other websites. In fact, the current FPSs will be totally replaced by the Accounting Handbook (see article, below). In addition, the Handbook will link to relevant finance and procurement forms and will also reference appropriate campus policies.


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