Permanent employees of the University who have a minimum of 3 months’ service are eligible to submit their ideas, or to have others submit their ideas for them. Group and individual submissions are welcomed (in the case of group submissions, group members will share in any cash prize that may be awarded). Submissions may be made by any University employee or affiliate, regardless of length of service.

Ideas that were previously recognized with a Do the Right Thing Award (in Fiscal Year 2009) may not be resubmitted for consideration for a CUSP award.

Ideas must be innovations, tools, strategies, or process improvements created to support or enhance the performance of any University organizational unit’s work processes.

Ideas must be currently and successfully in practice in the employee’s organizational unit (with approval of the org unit supervisor and any other interested parties) and must be in compliance with all applicable University policies and procedures.

Ideas should exceed those that are generally expected of the employee during the normal course of work.

Ideas should produce positive impacts, for example:

  • Implementation results in significant savings, revenues, efficiencies, or process improvements;
  • Implementation improves the delivery of customer/client services; and/or,
  • Implementation improves or enhances organizational unit performance or operations.