About the Program

CU Shared Practices (CUSP) is a recognition program designed to spur the creative processes of CU employees. We know that many of you have developed practices, tools, and innovations to help you and your colleagues work smarter and faster. If your ideas have benefited your individual work area, imagine what they could do for the entire University!

CUSP has a Best Practices emphasis, designed to recognize new ideas and processes with significant and positive impacts (fiscal and otherwise) on job performance. It takes its inspiration from the work of the President’s Task Force on Efficiency, and it works like this:

Ideas for innovations, tools and process improvements will be submitted through this web site. They will be reviewed by the campus controllers and additional subject matter experts, as needed, who will verify that the ideas submitted are in compliance with University policies and procedures and that they have been successfully implemented by a CU organizational unit. If the vetting process concludes favorably, the ideas will be posted as Best Practices.

By publishing this Best Practices list, the CUSP program will enable other organizational units within the University to find and implement ideas that could assist them in their own work. The website will allow for comments from other CU employees and organizational units who will be able to provide us with their thoughts on the submitted practices, including whether or not the idea has been or could be implemented in their own work areas.