Submission, Review and Voting

Submission, Review and Voting Processes:

1) Submissions will be accepted via the CUSP program web site. Required information will include:

¨        Name and title of the employee who developed the idea;

¨        Name and title of the supervisor of the employee whose idea is under consideration ;

¨        Contact information for both the employee and the supervisor (email), ¨  

..        Name and title of the person submitting the idea;

¨        Detailed description of the practice, process, tool or innovation;

¨        Detailed description of how the practice, process tool or innovation yields a positive impact or conserves University resources;

¨        Quantification of that impact (as closely as possible); and,

¨        Implementation status of the idea (Has it been implemented in the org unit, and if so, for how long? Is the activity being considered for use elsewhere in the University? Have there been any problems noted with its implementation or with functionality of the tool?) 

2) Nominated ideas will be reviewed by the CUSP program administrator and subject matter experts to determine that they fulfill program requirements (i.e., they are in compliance with all applicable University policies and procedures, they are currently in use by a University organizational unit, they have supervisor approval, they are functioning properly). 

3) Upon confirmation of eligibility, nominated ideas will be posted on the Best Practices list of the CUSP web site.

 4) At the end of the program period, employees with active submissions will be asked to do a presentation to the voting body highlighting the merits of their idea or innovation. 

3. The Voting Body – The core voting body for the CUSP awards shall consist of the campus controllers (including assistant controllers). Participation may be sought from officers of System administration and campus finance officers as the program expands. The University Controller will vote only on the Controller’s Award for Excellence.

Submitting ideas is easy. You can submit your own idea, or submit an idea for someone else.