Residence Life Professional Staff Duty Handbook

Description: I created a pdf of the Residence Life Professional Staff Duty Handbook (for the Boulder campus) via my Google Drive account, and then shared it with all the professional staff.  Additionally, I wrote an instruction manual for using Google Drive on the work phones provided to Residence Life Staff to encourage participation in the use of Drive.  Implementation of the virtual Duty Handbook was requested, and supported, by Associate Director for Residence Life John Fox and Assistant Director Maria Hoffman. 

How does this benefit the University?  By making the Duty Handbook available on their phones, Professional Staff in Residence Life are able to more quickly respond to emergent events.  They can respond when they are on-call without having to tote around a large binder and can more easily locate the exact protocol they need via the search option (rather than having to page through).  This utilization also comes at no cost, since all university employees have Google accounts already, and in fact will save many dollars in printing costs.

 Implementation status: This idea was implemented for the 2013-2014 academic year in Residence Life on the Boulder campus.  Because I have since left the position, I am not aware if Residence Life will continue to use this for the next year.  I would encourage them do so! 

Submitted by:  Jessica Minck, Administrative Assistant III, Housing-Administration, University of Colorado Boulder

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