International Career Advisory Team

Description: In 2013, I was promoted by the leadership team in Career Services to a new role, Program Manager for International Employment, to help CU progress in the internationalization goals identified in Flagship 2030. In this role, I serve both international students and American students seeking international job opportunities

With regard to my responsibilities for supporting students seeking to go abroad, I reached out to faculty and staff across campus to gain a better understanding of our students’ needs. Through these meetings and individual conversations, it became clear there was a need to develop an ongoing committee dedicated to supporting these students and sharing resources across campus.

This was the beginning of the International Career Advisory Team (ICAT), a cross-campus initiative dedicated to helping students gain knowledge and resources on international volunteer, internship, and job opportunities, here and abroad. We currently have about 40 members from units across campus including advisors, faculty, assistant deans, and professional staff. This committee consists of various departments across campus, including Career Services, Center for Asian Studies, Office of International Education, Continuing Education, International Affairs, Leeds Business, UROP, Global Studies RAP, and more. Our goals are the following:
• Provide professional development and resources related to international volunteer, internship, and job opportunities, both here and abroad.
• Collaborate on international career programming and/or help spread the word to students to increase attendance and decrease duplication of efforts.
• Provide a centralized communication system for students to access information regarding international opportunities.
• Share student successes with international experiences.
• Build knowledge among students so they know where to go to find information on international experiences.

Danielle Rocheleau Salaz, Assistant Director of the Center for Asian Studies, and I serve as co-chairs for the committee.

 How does this impact the University?  Through these efforts, there has been an increase in collaboration among staff members, departments, and programs related to international careers, and by extension, international academic programming as well.
Each meeting includes program updates relating to international employment and then focuses on a resource, theme, or issue that has been identified by group members as a topic for discussion. After meetings, individuals connect with each other as they learn about new opportunities they can share with students or opportunities for interdepartmental collaboration. Therefore, this has impacted all our work in addition to providing more opportunities to students. At a decentralized university like CU, networking and sharing resources is a necessary, but challenging, activity that we can all benefit from. In addition, there are few forums on campus that include such a wide swath of CU employees (faculty, instructors, professional exempt staff, classified staff, occasional student representatives, etc.), which helps to further break down silos.

At the community level, this program and my new role have given CU Boulder visibility in the local news, as evidenced by this article that appeared in the Daily Camera in December ( 

Implementation status:  Danielle Rocheleau Salaz, Assistant Director of the Center for Asian Studies, and I serve as co-chairs of the committee, and continue to lead this effort and bring in new topics to engage the group and continue our learning and collaboration. For example, this spring, we are focusing on international internships and how departments can develop programs that meet student demand while also maintaining academic integrity and conducting appropriate risk management steps

Since fall 2012, the committee has been meeting twice each semester with subgroups meeting more frequently to complete specific projects, such as planning events and finding ways to best communicate the resources and events to students. We have a website (, an email list, and a general email account to field questions and facilitate committee communications (

As a group, we are planning to seek external funding to create professional development opportunities for committee members, and most importantly, to expand opportunities for students to gain access to international experts across the nation and to increase resources for global employment for students from around campus.

Submitted by Jodi Schneiderman, Program Manager for International Employement, and Danielle Salaz, Assistant Director of the Center for Asian Studies, University of Colorado Boulder

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