The team of Cheryl Welch, Madeline Sembrat, Lisa Stanford, Chris Scanlan, Peggy McIntosh and Terri Carrothers identified that there were severe knowledge deficits throughout the AMC campus in the areas of HR hiring, salary setting, multiple components of pay, finance, procurement, contracting, sensitive expenditures, SOM policies, ICR policies, and Fiscal reporting (to name some of the areas) – we created a monthly training program entitled: SOM Administrative Professional Development Toolbox and we present topics that are timely, important and in which we are seeing knowledge deficits in order to help people, “Do it right the first time, don’t ask for forgiveness later”. The goal is to increase their knowledge, decrease mistakes, enhance fiscal compliance and provide them with the tools to do their jobs better. We expose them to training topics they might not normally have access to and tie the sessions to the correct time of year so they are timely for the work the administrative people are trying to accomplish.


It is imperative that administrative people have the right tools to do their jobs correctly, efficiently and adhere to University and School policies and procedures. By having the knowledge to do things correctly in the first place it decreases redundancies in work, avoids fiscal errors, saves University dollars and minimizes audit issues. We have experts in the content areas presenting timely and important fiscal and HR topics. We show the attendees how and where to find the information needed. We augment this by putting the ‘tools’ on the SOM Administrative Toolbox website along with other information and links to important information to assist them with their work.


We began the monthly 1.5 hour sessions in September of 2012 and plan to continue on an ongoing basis. Our team meets regularly to assure we are providing the most up to date and appropriate content areas. The response to this has been very positive as evidenced by the monthly evaluation surveys we receive and we are noticing a significant decrease is people having to call around try find information and a decrease in the amount of errors our finance, procurement, human resource and administrative team in the SOM Dean’s office are seeing. We average 150-170 attendees per month. We also accept other AMC School administrative employees as our goal is to just provide training and help to as many people as possible. Our goal to help and provide training and based on the attendance response – there is a real need for this knowledge.

Submitted by:  Terri C. Carrothers, Associate Dean, Administration and Finance, University of Colorado School of Medicine, in conjunction with the team of Cheryl Welch, Madeline Sembrat, Lisa Stanford, Chris Scanlan, Peggy McIntosh

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