This form was created to allow students to schedule their capstone presentations online;  it notifies the coordinators of the capstone program when a presentation is scheduled, and identifies any media needs the student may have.


This online form has significantly streamlined administration of capstone presentations by reducing both the time and paperwork necessary to fulfill a presentation request. Capstone scheduling requests previously required completion of a paper form. Upon submission, the presentation information was entered into an unstable excel spread sheet and processed. The new online form makes scheduling easier and allows staff to efficiently accommodate students’ presentation needs.


The form has existed online since November 2012 at

Submitted by Eric Howell, IT Professional, School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado at Denver

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  1. Maureen Ediger says:

    This has been a great tool for our staff and our students. The process for scheduling and cateloging capstone projects has been streamlined. I look forward to using Eric’s creative solutions for other areas in SPA!

  2. Kelly Hupfeld says:

    Eric’s capstone scheduling form has saved our Student Service Coordinators a great deal of time and effort at the end of each busy semester!

  3. Brendan Hardy says:

    I’ve found this useful in terms of event marketing and career services. The clients and their organizations captured on the list can be sorted and then included on invitations for SPA community outreach events. Additionally, this is a fantastic resource for employer relations, follow ups, and referring future students for their capstone or internship needs. Last, this tool offers a quick way to assess our students’ interests based off the capstone project descriptions and organizations they are working for. Even though this wasn’t the primary initial intent, this new tool has become a great added resource for program marketing and recruitment in addition to streamlining program administration.

  4. This online form is great! I work directly with our students on scheduling their capstones. This online process has been beneficial both to me and my students. By having this form streamlined for our students online on our website has reduced the time and extra steps to complete this process. Making it easier for the information to be in one place to avoid any time/date discrepancies. Love it!

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