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Mission Statement

The University Controller, by delegation from the President, has authority over and responsibility for assuring that the fiscal practices of the University comply with regent policies, other external and internal rules and regulations, including University Fiscal Procedures, and generally accepted accounting principles. The Office of University Controller supports the University's mission by providing timely, accurate, and relevant financial information to the University's fiscal employees; supporting and developing financial accounting information systems; and promulgating clear, practical guidelines to assist the University community in fulfilling fiscal responsibilities through these systems. 

Section Roles and Responsibilities

Through the Accounting Services section:

  • Develop and maintain a system of internal controls sufficient to ensure proper financial reporting and safeguarding of assets
  • Oversee and coordinate the external audit process through assisting campus controllers with audit issues, maintaining detailed knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles, and working with the external auditors as issues arise and
  • Perform the required financial information reporting to the State via COFRS

Through the Financial and Reporting Systems section:

  • Maintain the PeopleSoft Finance System (FIN) and ensure it produces appropriate financial information
  • Coordinate with other departments in the implementation of new software programs to assure appropriate interface with FIN
  • Develop, test, and gain user acceptance of COGNOS Reporting System reports
  • Maintain the University’s effort reporting system for OMB Circular A-21 compliance

Through the Finance & Procurement Business Services section:

  • Develop and communicate clear fiscal and procurement policies and procedures
  • Develop timely, relevant training materials
  • Maintain high quality, timely assistance through the Finance & Procurement Help Desk

Core Functions

  • Financial reporting
  • Provide data to COFRS
  • Control and maintain PeopleSoft Finance (FIN) and its interfaces
  • Maintain the effort reporting system
  • Assist campuses with certain reconciliation functions
  • Develop and train on the use of COGNOS financial reports
  • Develop and train on fiscal/procurement policies and procedures
  • Develop and train on the use of fiscal/procurement systems (FIN, Concur Travel & Expense, CU Marketplace, etc.)
  • Provide a critical support and control function through the Finance & Procurement Help Desk

Vision 2010
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