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About the Office of University Controller – University of Colorado

Mission of the University of Colorado’s Continuing Professional Education Program

The University of Colorado will continuously strive to provide high quality Continuing Professional Education courses that are affordable, relevent, conveniently located, and NASBA sponsored to Certified Public Accountants of the state of Colorado.

University of Colorado

The University of Colorado is a comprehensive degree-granting research university in the State of Colorado. It is governed by a nine-member Board of Regents elected by popular vote in the State’s general elections. To accomplish its mission, the University’s 5,429 instructional faculty serve more than 57,361 students through 360 degree programs in 28 schools and colleges.

Office of University Controller – University of Colorado

The Office of University Controller, by delegation from the president, has authority over and responsibility for assuring that the fiscal practices of the university comply with regent policies, external rules and regulations, including University fiscal policies, and generally accepted accounting principles. The Office of University Controller supports the University’s mission by providing timely, accurate and relevant financial information to the University’s fiscal employees; supporting and developing financial accounting information systems; and providing clear, practical guidelines to assist the University community in dispensing fiscal responsibilities through these systems. The Office of University Controller is comprised of Accounting Services, Financial and Reporting Systems, and Finance and Procurement Business Services. Accounting Services oversees the integrity of the University’s financial records, and Financial and Reporting Systems maintains the University’s Finance and Reporting Systems. Finance and Procurement Business Services provides financial communication and support to the University through development of fiscal policies, training and documentation, and Finance and Procurement Help Desk support.