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CU CPE’s Commitment to Continuing Education

I just received my diploma for my Master’s in Education degree, with a focus on Training and Development, from North Carolina State University. I finished the program in December of 2011. The program focuses on adult education and the principles of training and development and instructional design.

My degree really does give me the best of both worlds in my current position as the CPE Program Manager at CU; it builds on my experience in finance and accounting as a CPA, while enabling me to apply what I have learned to ensure a quality training program.

My favorite experience in the Training and Development program was the development of a capstone portfolio. As I developed the portfolio, I realized I was able to apply skills I acquired in the program to my current role as the CPE Program Manager, specifically in the Ethics field of study.

As the CPE Program at CU continues to grow, I will make a commitment to all of you to not only continue to hone my skills and knowledge as a CPA, but, as an adult educator as well.

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