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OUC Newsletter

CONNECTIONS is a regularly-published newsletter that keeps organizational units up to date on a wide range of University finance-related issues.

If you already subscribe to CU's User Alert list, you will automatically receive this one-page newsletter. If you are not a current subscriber, sign up now to stay current on finance topics. Email and ask to be added to the Alert list.

You can also read archived copies here:



  • Wireless Communications
  • Fiscal Roles
  • Draft Administrative Policy Statement: Collection of Personal Data from Students and Other Customers
  • April Campus Forums

February 2007 #2 CONNECTIONS

  • Fiscal Roles
  • ePER Emails
  • New Cell Phone Procedures Coming Soon

February 2007 CONNECTIONS

  • Expenditure Control
  • ePER
  • Gift Fund Training
  • Reporting System

January 2007 CONNECTIONS

  • Expenditure Control
  • Reporting Reminders
  • Training Information in the Portal
  • New Director of Financial Reporting


December 2006 CONNECTIONS

  • Expenditure Control
  • Wrapping up Gift Fund Training
  • More Reporting on Reporting
  • ePER and PETs
  • Holiday Happenings
  • Holiday Donations
  • Holiday Closure
November 2006 CONNECTIONS
  • Administrative Policy Statements
  • PSC Procedural Statements
  • New and Revised Forms
  • Gift Fund Management Training
  • SPO Encumbrances
October 2006 #2 CONNECTIONS
  • Reporting System
  • ePER
  • SPO Encumbrances
  • Receiving OUC Email
  • Gift Fund Management Training
  • New Staff
  • SPO Encumbrances
October 2006 CONNECTIONS
  • ePER System
  • SPO Encumbrances

September 2006 #2 CONNECTIONS

  • Upcoming Campus Forums
  • Top Five Reporting Questions

September 2006 CONNECTIONS

  • What's Next for Reporting
  • Beyond Reporting: Campus Forums
  • Gift Fund Training Deadline now 12/1/06
  • New Gift Fund Form
  • Reminder on Gift Fund Transfers

August 2006 #4 CONNECTIONS

  • Reporting System goes live for CU System Offices
  • CU System Offices: find your reports
  • UCCS: get ready (you’re next)
  • UCDHSC: log in to your portal
  • Staff News: Introducing Kathy Illian

August 2006 #3 CONNECTIONS

  • What’s Happening?
  • Phasing in the Reporting System: CU System goes First
  • Step-by-Step Guides for Reporting
  • OUC Web Revamped this Week
  • Annual Fiscal Certification/Officer Disclosure

August 2006 #2 CONNECTIONS

  • Transition to New Reporting System
  • What to Expect: Timing, Portals, Reports, Guides
  • Know Your (Fiscal) Role
  • Getting Ready for Reporting

August 2006 #1 CONNECTIONS

  • Who ya gonna call? Getting Help as you Get Ready for Reporting
  • The Help Desk can Help You
  • You can Help Yourself
  • Campus-based Reporting Training
  • Printing Reports
  • New OUC Web Site coming soon
  • CU EthicsLine is here

July 2006 #2 CONNECTIONS

  • Who Gets What: Fiscal Roles and Reporting
  • How do You Get it: Checking out your Portal
  • Roger Cusworth named Deputy Controller


  • 2006 Fiscal Year-End
  • New Reporting System
  • New APS on Propriety of Expenses, and on CU Foundation Transfers
  • CU Ethics Hotline on its way
  • Gift Fund Update
  • Self-Service Password Management
  • OUC Honored as Office of the Year


March 2006 Inaugural Issue

  • Introducing the CONNECTIONS Newsletter
  • OUC Creates Compliance Unit
  • Special Handling for Special Events
  • May Brings New April Reports
  • New Gift Fund Controls
  • New APS on Foundation Payments
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